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About D&W Design

Twenty-five years of doing what we love

When David Weiss first started crafting fine furniture, it was an expression of his artistic passion. The Monroe trailer-cum-woodshop was modest, but his handiwork always made a statement. Soon Eli Paplanos recognized the genius in Davidís work, and stepped in to help take the venture to the next level.
And the next level.
And then the next level.
Today, D&W employs over 70 skilled workers at a 100,000 sf. plant in upstate New York. Ask the original partners how the company evolved into the large manufacturing facility it is today, and you may be surprised that they donít take credit for its extraordinary success.

Itís the savvy customers who built us

While D&W was focusing intently on building beautiful furnishings for a growing clientele, savvy customers built the companyís reputation. They werenít going to be content with a glossy coat of varnish. These mavens demanded real quality. When their expectations were not only met, but surpassed, they happily shared their good fortune with friends.

ďWhere do your pieces come from?Ē

Thatís our most frequently asked question, and itís a query weíre proud to answer. Anyone who has shopped around has seen showrooms of ostentatious furniture thatís really produced in third-world countries with sloppy workmanship and made of lower quality materials. At D&W, all furnishings and millwork are still produced here in America, in our very own facility, with talented designers working alongside master artisans.

Beneath the veneer

You want to be assured that beneath the polished veneer you have an item that will last. Thatís a valid concern, and a priority here at D&W.
Since we produce locally, we have quality control from the day the timber falls. Our wood of choice is the robust and versatile North American maplewood. For embellishments and specific custom pieces, we often use mahogany, walnut, oak and the occasional exotic wood, like ebony and zebrawood. Crafting in our very own state-of-the-art facility allows us hands-on control over every aspect of the process. Thereís no language barrier, no middleman, no cutting corners. Just dedicated workers who love what they do.

Built to last a lifetime

We take pride in our work, and weíre confident that youíll enjoy it for years to come. The best testimonial to the quality of our furniture is the large number of second generation customers, who grew up in homes furnished by D&W.

We appreciate your interest

We know that for most people, our custom wood furnishings and sets are a once-in-a-lifetime purchase. We appreciate your visit to our site, and we do hope youíll honor us with a visit to one of our showrooms as well.

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